Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas – 111900659

Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas
Wells Fargo Texas Routing Number111900659

Wells Fargo Texas routing numbers

In Texas, the routing number for Wells Fargo checking and savings accounts is 111900659. The bank has 51 routing numbers (one for each state), so make sure Texas is your payment or transfer destination. Customers can use the bank’s online or offline banking services.

Each bank branch has its own Transit number/routing number. It aids in identifying the bank during online transactions. In another way, it helps to secure the user’s online transaction from one bank to another.

Wells Fargo’s wire transfer routing number is 121000248 both for international and domestic wire transfers. WFBIUS6S is the SWIFT code for wire transfers made outside of the U. S..

What is the length of Texas Wells Fargo routing numbers?

Wells Fargo routing numbers are made up of nine digits. If you open a bank account in Texas, your routing number will be 111900659.

A routing number: where can I find it?

There are many different ways can find our bank’s routing number.

It’s usually on your check or bank statement. The routing number is located in the bottom left corner of a check, as shown in the image.

Wells Fargo Routing Number Texas

111900659 Routing Texas Number Address

  • Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
  • Address: 255 2nd AVE SOUTH
  • State: Texas

Wells Fargo international and domestic wire transfers & Swift Code

Type of wire transferWells Fargo routing number
Routing Number111900659
International and Domestic Wire Transfer 121000248

What is the Wells Fargo routing number for ACH transfers?

An ACH routing number is required to send an ACH transfer to a Wells Fargo account. For electronic withdrawals and transfers between financial institutions, ACH routing numbers are used.

The ACH routing number for Wells Fargo Texas is 111900659.

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